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About SIFE

SiFu International Education (SFIE)

SiFu International Education (SFIE) is a globalized, multi-faceted company which has coalesced international education research with excellent customer service to form an integrated education organization. It is our mission to consolidate the international education exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries and utilizes excellent international education resources, in order to provide Chinese students with a globalized education, which fulfills their personal needs and is suitable for the current circumstances in China.

The professional team of SFIE is made up of experienced Chinese educators and international education consultants.  According to the current development trend of international education, SFIE has combined the best of Chinese and foreign education, and world-leading teaching theories to design Dual-Diploma (Chinese and foreign) high school programs, leading American curriculums such as Advanced Placement (AP), etc, which are all specifically designed for Chinese high school students. SFIE has hence achieved a pleasing success and recognition in the wider society.

Up to this date, SFIE has already allied with many renowned high schools in America, England, Canada, Australia and so on. SFIE is able to provide Chinese high Schools and universities with a range of excellent teaching resources and assist Chinese schools with a series of international education cooperation programs to establish a partnership with high schools of America, England, Canada and Australia, etc, while SFIE can also design other education programs, according to the needs of individual school. SFIE’s extensive experience in recruiting students, promoting, managing and implementing international education programs will effectively help with the smooth and rapid growth of international education programs in schools.

At the same time, SFIE has a wide range of Chinese high schools and university resources, which enable us to help with communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign schools, as well as help foreign high schools and universities in promoting education programs, recruiting students, organizing summer camps and many other activities in China.

SFIE, with honesty and responsibility as our utmost values, will become the bridge between Chinese and foreign schools and always strives to contribute to the internationalization of Chinese education.


SiFu International Education (SFIE)

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