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SINO-US High School Elite Program

SINO-US High School Elite Program


Sino-US High School Elite Program provides both Chinese high school courses and American TOEFL, SAT and AP courses. The program combines the the advantages of Chinese and western education and is designed to get Chinese high school graduates ready with the capability and opportunity to prestigious universities in US.

AP, short for Advanced Placement Program, is a series of courses and exams developed by the College Board. In US, AP courses are integrated with other high school courses. Students are free to select some of the courses as the most challenging  ones from the three tiers of courses system—core courses, honor courses and AP courses. Its scientific nature and advantage in application to universities have contributes a lot to its wide and positive acceptance in about 19,000 high schools across the world.

We open the AP courses for two purposes: to provide competent students with the access to college courses, effectively avoiding the overlap between the basic education and further education; to offer a scientific and comprehensive reference for colleges in evaluating students.

AP courses are widely accepted worldwide.  4,000 above colleges and universities around the world, including the renowned Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, list AP scores as one of their entry requirements and use them as the criteria as to whether students are competent in college life. AP scores are also in the entry requirements and scholarship selection of colleges and universities in UK, Canada, Australia.

On the top of that, high AP scores facilitate students with exemption and grade skipping. Some students with higher AP scores are even entitled to graduate from college a year earlier.

Entry requirements:  middle school graduates or high school students

Length: three years

Cooperation Pattern:

Chinese high schools are
Responsible for providing teaching venues, apartments for students and foreign teachers and other facilities.
Responsible for the management of student roll.
Responsible for offering the Chinese high school courses
Responsible for granting the high school diploma

SIFU International Education
Responsible for introducing the elite courses and help Chinese schools become member of the College Board.
Responsible for setting the teaching plan and its organization and implement
Responsible for introducing foreign teaching principles and management methods.
Responsible for recruiting foreign teachers and effectively implementing overseas courses
Responsible for training and test organization of TOEFL and SAT.
Responsible for college counseling and application
Responsible for visa application for students.

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